The search has ended

May 15, 2019

Saturday mornings when everyone is sleeping in, and all is quiet, I immerse myself in Zillow exploring the valleys and rolling hills of Virginia.  You would find me looking into barns, researching used tractors reading up on green manures, dreaming of the day that it would become reality.   The reality of taking all the efforts and lessons learned from planting every square inch of my suburban yard to a sustainable farm.  Somewhere that my dog eared copy of Gaia's garden can lay peacefully on a shelf, in well deserved retirement, where it can gaze across green lush acres that would be the results of the content graciously given from it's pages. 

I was lured by carefully crafted photographs and well written descriptions of perfectly restored southern estates, only to find the land had the wrong slope or that the rail road bounded the longest length of the property (not the peaceful destination of my imagination), and even worse,  that there was no water.  On one of thee jaunts, my sister and I decided to stop by a vacant property  that was conveniently along the way.  As we rounded a stretch of ancient boxwoods the beautiful green  fields unfolded in front of us presenting a gradual southwest facing slope gently rolling up from a sparkling lake fed by two springs.  Absolute Perfection.  The land grabbed my heart.  An offer has been made, a website started, and this week The Farm in Orange is legally born.